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Board & Staff

We’re proud to introduce our team, each person’s respective role and some information about him or her. Meet our board of directors and our staff.

  • Board of Directors
  • President

    Madisen Cook

  • Vice President
    Vice President

    Renea' Boutte

  • Secretary

    Victoria Johnson

  • Board Member
    Board Member

    MK Dokwal

  • Treasure

    John Satcher

  • Board Member
    Board Member

    Tiffany Johnson

  • Board Member
    Board Member

    Jim Buxton

  • Board Member
    Board Member

    Kevin Blake

  • Staff
  • Executive Director
    Executive Director

    Tommy Edwards

  • Lead Advocate Supervisor
    Lead Advocate Supervisor

    Beth Wilcox

  • Advocate Supervisor
    Advocate Supervisor

    Jessica Cryar-Walter

  • Bookkeeper

    Joan Merle

Our Generous Supporters

  • Beauregard Electric
    Beauregard Electric
  • Century 21
    Century 21
  • Jay's Carpet One
    Jay's Carpet One
  • Merchants and Farmers Bank
    Merchants and Farmers Bank
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