Board & Staff

Our board and staff members are committed to the mission and vision of our organization.

We’re proud to introduce our team, each person’s respective role and some information about him or her. Meet our board of directors and our staff.

  • Board of Directors
  • President

    Becky Fejarang

  • Vice President

    Michael Harper

  • Secretary

    Stacey Schlittenhard

  • Treasurer

    MK Dokwal

  • Board Member
    Board Member

    Vickie Perkins

  • Board Member

    John Satcher

  • Board Member

    Tiffany Johnson

  • Board Member

    Jim Buxton

  • Staff
  • Executive Director
    Executive Director

    Tommy Edwards

  • Lead Advocate Supervisor
    Lead Advocate Supervisor

    Rochelle McMahon

  • Advocate Supervisor
    Advocate Supervisor

    Beth Wilcox

  • Advocate Supervisor

    LeVeda Harvey

  • Trainer - Community Engagement Coordinator
    Trainer - Community Engagement Coordinator

    Jessica Cryar-Walter

  • Bookkeeper

    Joan Merle